Struktur is the first creative conference for the active outdoor design industry. Join us for three days of bold visionary presentations and events advancing the design of active outdoor apparel and equipment.


Struktur is a cross-disciplinary event, exploring the intersection of user experience, trend research, materials science, and their influence on design. Struktur isn’t a fashion show or a trade show – it’s a chance to experience the breakthrough ideas of a new age of design.

Struktur Event is for active, outdoor, and urban design professionals. Struktur Event will expose you to ground-breaking ideas, innovative techniques, and the creative minds who are driving the industry.

“I love the creative community.”

Struktur Event will be held in Portland’s Leftbank Annex, a former WWII aircraft factory. The space includes 14,000 sq feet of open space, multiple breakout rooms, and a spacious mezzanine overlooking the main floor.