Inflection Point


Futurists describe an inflection point as a moment when the range of possible futures suddenly shifts. As designers, we must prepare ourselves for success within the context of these new possibilities.


Against the backdrop of disruptions in climate, trade, and manufacturing, new practices of generative design, bio-materials, and automation are moving into focus. Sustainability and ‘Made in America’ stories are shifting from novelty to necessity. As technical and performance gear continue to merge into the mainstream, the active and outdoor industries are well positioned to be a major influencer in what we wear.


Struktur Event was founded on the idea that a strong design community is vital for innovation and growth. We are committed to fostering a community where design and industry professionals can share ideas, build relationships, and tackle these important topics with integrity and respect.


Come to Struktur Event 2017 and position yourself for success.

Struktur Event is for active, outdoor, and urban design professionals. Struktur Event will expose you to ground-breaking ideas, innovative techniques, and the creative minds who are driving the industry.

  • Alex Valdman
  • Tom Waller
    Lululemon Whitespace
  • David & Mary Sherwin
    Ask the Sherwins
  • Jan Chipchase
    Studio D Radiodurans
  • Shelley Mitchell
  • Charles Ross
  • Karuna Scheinfeld
  • Amanda Goad
    Bold Brew
  • Maria Teresa Sampedro
  • Lisa Cram
  • Britt Howard
    Portland Garment Factory
  • Jeff Smith
  • Jeff Nash
  • Crispin Argento
  • Elizabeth LeMay
    Studio 317
  • Nicholas van der Walle
    Astute Graphics
  • Gaelle Berlioz
  • Amy Ross
  • Michael DiTullo
    Sound United
  • Ian Yollesr
  • Drummond Lawson
  • Carl Moriarty
  • Announcing more speakers soon.

“I love the creative community.”

Struktur Event will be held in Portland’s Leftbank Annex, a former WWII aircraft factory. The space includes 14,000 sq feet of open space, multiple breakout rooms, and a spacious mezzanine overlooking the main floor.

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