Amanda Ciesielczyk


Amanda Ciesielczyk is a co-founder at BoldBrew, a public relations and content creative shop based in Colorado’s San Juans dedicated to innovative partnerships and real storytelling.

After earning a BS in Science Communications from University of Wisconsin-Madison, Amanda spent her time as a Public Relations, Social & Content Marketing Director for a midwest agency, before moving out West and establishing BoldBrew.

With a focus on the outdoor, lifestyle and natural foods industries, BoldBrew believes there’s a new shift in marketing and the integration of product design and audience communications. Consumers are challenging brands to deliver exceptional products, while truly telling the whole story behind it. And brands are stepping up to this challenge by exceeding craftsmanship and cultivating genuine relationships with consumers. This is some exciting stuff.

When not geeking out over the evolution of communications, Amanda can usually be found exploring the Four Corners region of the Rockies, skiing, mountain biking, hiking, off-roadingall things outside.