Episode 7: Trent Bush, Founder, Trent Bush Design

twistmisc1-smallTrent Bush has created a design practice out of a lifelong obsession. As a child of the 70s and 80s in Boulder, Colorado., he grew up skateboarding and snowboarding. Inspired by the early DIY culture, Trent and a small crew founded Twist, a snowboarding brand that gave them room to experiment and cut their teeth while building their brand. After growing it to #2 in their category, the brand collapsed after their investor and distributor pulled out in the wake of the financial crisis in Japan.

Trent headed east to join Burton, and has since gone on to design with the most recognized brands in the business.

His experience and knowledge transcends what we can fit into one episode, so stay tuned for more from Trent in a later episode!

Music: We Are; by a ninja slob drew me