Episode 8: Douglas Davidson, Founder, The Brown Buffalo


Douglas Davidson is an industrial designer with a thriving career creating bags and accessories for many of the world’s leading brands. He’s worked with Burton, The North Face, Nike, Adidas, Quicksilver, Vans, and many more, both within the company, and as a highly sought after freelancer.


We talk with Douglas about how early mentorship, his innate curiosity, and a strong drive led to a fruitful career. He tells us about how his extensive travelling with his family helped him develop a point-of-view about design. His insights on design education, being a successful collaborator, and what it takes to stand out as a great designer are essential listening.

Douglas talks about his extensive design library, and how it informs his practice. We hear about his approach to building and leading teams, and how he uses it to create a shared vision around product.


Music: We Are; by a ninja slob drew me