Peter Kallen


I am a native Oregonian, born in NE Portland and raised on Mt Hood. My playground was the mountain and the surrounding wild areas that Oregon has to offer.  Always a  thrill seeker and speed freak, I was into skiing , skateboarding, snowboarding, climbing , biking, surfing and basically anything that got my blood flowing and was an adventure . Growing up in a large family I loved tinkering around with stuff , and I was always making things for myself, family, and friends, out of both financial and creative necessity.

What I thought was just a hobby became a career path, and I enrolled in the only local design school Bassist and immersed myself in their apparel design program. While still in school I was hired by Nike to design for there newly created ACG line. Career began.

Many years and tons of experience later i left and paddled into the design world on my own. Driven by my personal interests, I created various business and design ventures to express that passion.

This exploration has manifest itself in the snowboard industry, the fashion world , my own collection, a garden store, furniture , architecture, interiors,  and many design contract gigs for various clients.

Currently I am the Design Director at Nau and I have been there since the beginning.

Design is a language I love learning.